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Article On Ferrets [01 Jul 2008|08:11am]
Article On Ferrets
 by: Johanna McDaniel
First domesticated by the Egyptians in 3000 BC From the tenth to twelfth centuries the historians believe that Crusaders brought the working ferret to Europe. Romans used ferrets to drive away rats and to find rabbits, which they used food in 300 BC They took ferrets to other parts of Europe. More recently ferrets were used by contractors and utilities to run wire through conduit and pipes, in places to small for people to fit. Ferrets have flexible ribs, as a result they can squeeze through little holes and can flatten their bodies to crawl through the smallest spaces.
Ferrets are like cats and dogs. They are not rodents. They belong to the family called mustelids, which includes skunks, badgers, weasels, otters, and polecats. The ferret's life span, generally is between eight and eleven years, sometimes up to fifteen.
Male ferrets are called hobs. Female ferrets are called jills. Young ferrets are called kits. Ferrets are curious animals. They love to dig and be around people.
Deciding on an addition to the family requires responsible thinking. Your decision shouldn't be based impulsively on how cute or adorable the kits (babies) look. You must prepare yourself to dedicate quality time to a new pet. Ferrets are playful and entertaining to watch. They have poor eye sight and a keen sense of smell and hearing. Ferrets have a musky odor, comes from their skin glands. For the sake of the ferret observe the following: Make sure the ferret has fresh food and clean water. The cage must be regularly clean. You must get to know the ferret. See if your lease or local law permits ferret ownership. When going on vacation, what do you do? To be good, healthy pets, ferrets must be spayed or neutered. Before purchasing, or on the way home have your ferret de-scented to prevent the risk of infected or blocked scent glands. Your ferret will require special foods. Are you prepared to commit to eight to eleven years, to your new friend? It's unwise to leave your fer!
ret alone with other pets.
After deciding on a ferret as a pet, you now need to ask yourself if you want a hob (male) or a jill (female)? One or more? Kit or an adult?
When choosing the variety and sex of a ferret, it is strictly a matter of personal choice. Hobs and jills require about the same amount of time spent with them. Both are equally strong and healthy. Each ferret will have a unique personality. Sex or color will not determine its behavior.
Kits start out about the same size. However, the hob is three to five pounds and a jill is one in a half to three pounds. Neutered and de-scented hobs have very little odor, but a spayed jill has the least odor of all.
Ferrets come in numerous colors. The most common colors are sable, albino, butterscotch, white-footed butterscotch, silver-mitt, sterling silver, white-footed sable, cinnamon and black eye white.
Raising and training a kit can be a joyful experience. Kits are far less daunting. Although, it takes more time to train them. Consistence rewards and discipline for rough play and for housebreaking must be applied. As well, they can be mischievous adolescents.
If well handled in their reering, adult ferrets are completely through theses stages. But, adults that haven't been handled with love and good training are best left for experts to choose. A grown ferret is capable of adapting quickly to a new loving family. You may be amazed how quickly and easily an adult becomes a family member.
When choosing a ferret be certain that the pet shop is clean and odor free. After the ferret is roused, it should be alert and attentive. A ferret's coat should be shiny, soft and covering the body, no bald spots, and it should have clear, bright eyes. Also examine it for any sores or scaly spots.
When choosing a ferret from a breeder check for the following: bright, clear eyes, long full whiskers, no large lumps on the body, a soft full coat, firm and even distribution of muscle, clean genital areas, good temperament and attitude, and curiosity. When bringing home a ferret from the pet shop or breeder, put it in its new cage and allow it to rest.
There are a wide variety of cages that you can buy for your pet ferret. The most popular habitats are wire cages. The cage must be at least fourteen inches wide by twenty-four inches long and ten inches high about (35 x 60 x 24 cm). Any cage design must provide a litter area, a feeding area, and a sleeping area.
When bathing a ferret, put about six inches of water in a sink and gently lower the ferret into the water. Use baby shampoo or ferret shampoo. The water should be no less than ninety degrees and no more than a hundred and five degrees. Rinse the ferret two or three times to get rid of all soap.
When cleaning the ears of the ferret, use a cotton swob. You will either find dirt or wax in the ferret's ears.
As you trim the nails put a drop of tasty supplement on their belly. While the ferret's busy licking, cut their nails.
Most ferrets are affected by fleas, first time when treating fleas, treat the ferret. Second time treat the ferret's environment.
Ferrets are omnivorous, however their diet requires mostly animal protein. It is recommended be fed specialize formulated foods. If unavailable, then premium dry cat food from pet shops or the vets. Most ferrets tend to like snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The first estrus usually occurs at four or five months of age and will occur twice a year. The jill is most fertile by the tenth day of estrus cycle. At this time place the jill and the hob together. During breeding, the hob will bite the back of the jill's neck and drag her. The female will usually scream and fight.
Gestation period is forty-two days. Prior to birth isolate the mother. Put her in a nest box lined with small towel. When kits are born they are blind, hairless and deaf and a pinkish red at birth. The eyes open on the twenty-seventh day. At four weeks old weaning can be started by teaching the kits to drink from a dish. Kits canine teeth grow in when they're seven weeks old. Once weaning is complete, kits can be placed for adoption.
There are several infectious diseases, ferrets can contract. They include colds and flu, pneumonia, feline distemper, canine distemper, rabies, and aplastic anemia and septicemia. Intestinal disorders ferrets can get are diarrhea, Black Tarry stools, Lack of stool, vomiting, and Blocked scent glands. Parasitic infestations ferrets can get which are eye problems, mites, ticks and fleas. Physical injuries ferrets can have are back injuries, broken teeth, and bite wounds.
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Dog Sports For Every Breed [23 Jun 2008|07:11am]
Dog Sports For Every Breed
 by: Jack Russell
Engaging in sports is not only for humans. It is also well-loved by our best friend, the dog. Dog sports do not only make a dog's life fun, but healthy, as well. Here is a list of dog sports that you may want your dog to get involved into depending on his breed, of course.
This is when a dog moves through an obstacle course, i.e., contact obstacles, tunnels, jump, etc., as guided by his or her handler. What controls the dog is only its handler's voice and body language. Without a leash, obedience training is the major requirement for a dog to enjoy this sport. Speed and accuracy are the names of this game.
Large breeds usually participate in this dog sport. It mainly involves the dog pulling a cart filled with supplies like firewood or other farm goods, sometimes even pulling people. It is also known as dry land mushing and sulky driving and is well-known and practiced all over the world.
Frisbee Dog
Commonly known as disc dog, frisbee dog competition is about a dog and a human disc thrower competing in events such as a choreographed freestyle catching and distance catching. The division of events on this kind of dog sport depends on the handler's skill and experience. What makes this one of the most popular dog sports is that any kind of dog can participate.
This dog sport is a relay wherein teams of dogs race against each other leaving their handlers. These teams need to surmount four hurdles that are placed 3 meters apart from each other. Then, they have to reach a box that will release a tennis ball that needs to be caught when the dog presses the pad which is spring-loaded. Then, they have to go back to their respective handlers while carrying the ball.
It is a sport where one or more dogs pull an unmotorized scooter in which a human is riding. It is similar to another dog sport done in the winter known as mushing, only dog scooter involves fewer dogs and instead of a dogsled used in mushing, a scooter is used. Like sled dogs, dogs that are doing scootering wear harnesses and are hooked to the scooter using a gangline.
Sheepdog Trial
Also known as "dog trial", this is one of the competitive dog sports in which breeds that are into herding move sheep around a field, gates, fences or enclosures as directed by their handlers. Think of "babe" the movie about a pig. This is more popular in UK, Canada, Ireland, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and other farming nations.

shit! Is the Havanese the right Puppy for you?
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[25 Jul 2006|03:27am]
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
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Activation Troubles [14 Sep 2004|04:34pm]

Hey Hey,

I just joined the game. It says an activation code will be sent and it's been about 5 min and I still haven't gotten one. Is it normal to take so long to recieve the code?
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[ mood | sad ]

I'm depressed that Nutrino is down for 21 more days. I die now. ;_;

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[13 Sep 2003|05:26am]

Hi, I just joined the site, and I'm LOST. Where do I go to create a pet, or are we only allowed to adopt pets??

Help, please?
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New Pet site [27 Aug 2003|10:31am]
I've discovered yet another virtual pet site. It's alot like neopets in some ways but also alot different. It is VERY difficult to keep the pets happy and pets CAN die or run away. Also you can breed pets to create new pets. You can also own multiple shops, write your own books, and have 4 player battles at the arena! thats right, you and up to 3 of your friends can fight it out.

Plus it has a storyline driven quest and lots of other neat features.

Of course there are the ussual flash games, shops, contests, etc, etc but there's alot more too! And the pets are cute. i really reccomend checking it out ;)

Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!
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Help out a poor newb? ;) [22 Jul 2003|12:38am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Please check out this new rpg, I get stuff for referals so please help me out

It is a roleplaying community with gorgeous anime artwork. Its worth it just for the artwork alone. so beautiful.

The servers are slow you have been warned

Basically as in any rpg you make your character, equip it with items, level it up, socialize, etc

But its really a great site. And its all COMPLETELY free and there isnt even anything required to download.

So please check it out ^^ and tell em animeprincess@hotmail.com sent you

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Hey!*waves* [17 Jun 2003|09:21pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm Storm,the green sapphire from Nutrinopets!Yay!Jumpy,jumpy,jumpy!:D
*runs around the room*

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[05 Jun 2003|04:25pm]

Hi gang. I'm new to neutrino pets and even newer to the community! You guys seemed like a friendly bunch, so maybe I could squeeze in as well. :-)

Anyway, to add maybe a *little* substance to my first post, here's a link to share! It's "Anidragons" Like a virtual pet dragon, all in 3d. Give it a shot if you have the time - http://www.thedragonkeeper.com
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um.. [31 May 2003|11:24pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Can anyone suggest some inexpensive foods? I'm still new at this and I don't know what the various food items are to look them up on the bargain bunny. Thankies.

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Ah everything is ok again [20 May 2003|08:16pm]
Its all cool now though cuz another staff member told me she's been causing lots of probs so at least I no longer feel like she was attacking me, because that is why i said anything to her in the first place

>_< I am a bit embarrassed for over reacting but attacking me like that just really... well ticked me off for one thing because hey you know here's this punkass lil 14-16 yr old acting like hot shit
And then she goes and gets all her friends? Is that something a STAFF member should do?
As I said I was in no way mad that she deleted my post I was just mad at her attitude problem

But it seems Im not the only one who has a prob with her so all is well

I just REALLY felt singled out especially when she got her friends to pick on me... im like WTF thats REALLY immature...

^_^ But the rest of the staff did their best to repair things and handle them diplomatically so I guess its true that you cant judge a book by its cover.

I know I shouldve just let her have the last say i just felt like i was being attacked. as I said there are ways to deal with things that do not involve slanderous comments ;p

But im once again back to being a happy nutrionite

And I just got home from walmart and Ive lost 2 pant sizes in the past month!! So to celebrate I bought cute booty shorts LOL. Go me, its my birthday (almost anyways lol) ^_^ Im happy happy again
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HeyLos [20 May 2003|08:31am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey peoples
Wow a community, for me!
Well, fell lucky, one of the few places i post art before it actually get's released is in my livejournal.
Aywho, Uber spiffy!

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[18 May 2003|06:58pm]
heheheh!! i just joined nurtinopets haha. its great. my username on there is Austin AND my two pets are... the FAMOUS... Mustard and Ketchup. Well, they will be famous!
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Welcome [18 May 2003|01:58pm]
Welcome all to the nutrino pet community!! ^_^ If you don't know what nutrino pets is and would like more information simply go to http://www.nutrinopets.com/signup.php?referrer=rpg_goddess

We are the first and so far only nutrino pet community on Live journal!! hurray!!! ^_^ lets try to become the largest nutrino fan community on the web!!! ;)

I tried creating a layout, it didnt look right, I will continue working on it

Oh and before I forget my Nutrino pet name is rpg_goddess and my pet is a prismate who's name is Crystal_Rain
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